Ethan Novak

Personal Stats:
Age: 21 (2154) / 5'10" (178 cm) / Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Location: Phoenix Colony, Mars / Occupation: Student and Artist
Hair color: Brown / Eye color: Blue / Physical build: Athletic
Stats: Strength: 7/10 / Agility: 8/10 / Intelligence: 7/10 / Endurance: 6/10 / Charisma: 9/10


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Ethan, Adira’s best friend and partner in artistic exploration, was a true visionary with a talent for bringing his imagination to life. With his lean and agile build, he moved with a grace that mirrored the fluidity of his artistic expressions.

His tousled brown hair, which fell casually over his forehead, added to his effortlessly cool persona. Ethan’s fashion sense was an eclectic mix of urban and bohemian styles, often seen donning a beanie and a worn-out leather jacket adorned with patches and graffiti-inspired designs. His fashion choices were a reflection of his artistic spirit and rebellious nature.

Ethan’s most striking feature was his bright blue eyes, which seemed to sparkle with creativity and curiosity. They were windows into his vibrant mind, constantly seeking inspiration and exploring new artistic possibilities. His hands, the tools of his craft, were perpetually adorned with stains of various paint colors, evidence of his endless experimentation.

Beyond his artistic talent, Ethan’s infectious smile and mischievous spark in his eyes made him a natural magnet for like-minded individuals. He had an innate ability to inspire others and ignite their own creative passions. Together with Adira, he embarked on countless creative adventures, pushing the boundaries of their artistic endeavors and challenging the norms of the world around them.

Ethan’s vivid imagination knew no bounds. He could effortlessly transform mundane objects into works of art, infusing them with his unique perspective and storytelling ability. His creations often carried a sense of whimsy and wonder, inviting viewers to explore their own imagination and see the world through a different lens.

As Adira’s best friend and artistic collaborator, Ethan played a pivotal role in shaping the Crimson Graffiti Club and its vision. His boundless creativity and infectious energy added depth and dimension to their collective artistry, creating a synergy that fueled their adventures in the vibrant world they were building.

With his vibrant imagination, mischievous spirit, and undeniable artistic talent, Ethan was an integral part of the Crimson Graffiti Club, leaving a lasting impression on all who encountered his art and shared in his creative journey.